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Business, like all human endeavors, takes place within a complex matrix of relationships. The wellbeing of those relationships will have a direct impact on how constructive and effective the business can be. Some of these relationships are of critical importance, while others seem to only have a minor effect, on business dealings.

Building and construction related industries are no different. Relations with clients are literally the "make or break", not only to ensure the successful completion of the contract at hand, but also to enhance the said contractors reputation in the market place.

Other relationships do also come into play though. The contractor has to interact constructively with:

  • other contractors (be they main contractors, sub-contractors or co-contractors);
  • built environment professionals (architects, quantity surveyors and engineers)
  • employees and their representatives
  • government and various statutory and regulatory bodies (local council, NHBRC, CIDB; Department of Labour etc)
  • users of the environment in which they are working


It is frustrating and sometimes exceedingly difficult for stand alone companies to challenge unfair treatment. Contractors resolute on their rights being upheld, run the risk of being unfairly discriminated against by clients and agents alike. By Master Builders Kwa-Zulu Natal representing and acting in the best interests of members, members are able to remain anonymous and are thus shielded from retaliation.  

Some of the challenges faced by members are not specific to a particular relationship, rather, they are general issues that arise out of certain regulations or industry practices. In such cases, it is far more effective for a representative body such as the Association to challenge the status quo on behalf of all its members, than to have individual contractors battling to make progress.


Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal is, as one of its objectives, committed to establishing and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders in the building and construction industry. To this end, we have established a Stakeholders Forum.

The first purpose of the forum is to allow the opportunity for various stakeholders to identify common challenges and where possible formulate a common response to them.

Where lobbying of other parties is required to overcome these challenges, there is strength in the numbers and broad representation.

The second purpose of the forum is to create a platform for which issues between members of the stakeholders represented can be resolved.  This allows for the resolution of conflict between contractors and subcontractors, or professionals and contractors, at an organised industry level without individual members or enterprises having to tackle these challenges on their own.

SAIA, The South African Institute of Architects 

ITC, Institute for Timber Construction

SAFCEC, South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors

CONCRETE SOCIETY, Concrete Society of South Africa

SAPCA, South African Pest Control Association

ECASA, Electrical Contractors'Association of South Africa

IOPSA, Institute of Plumbing South Africa

AAQS, The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors

WATERPROOFING, Waterproofing Federation of South Africa

SAIDB, The South African Institute of Building Designers

CESA, Consulting Engineers South Africa