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 Occupational Health Clinic

The Association's programme of assisting and educating members on Occupational Health & Safety in the Construction Industry is one of the main member service initiatives undertaken by the Association for the benefit of members. The Association has been involved in the provision of Occupational Health & Safety assistance since 1964.

Historically it was recognised that contractors did often not have access to the very specialist knowledge required to ensure the ongoing health and safety of workers. In today's modern world, thankfully safety is a far more widely known concept and much more commonly practiced.

Nonetheless, many small up and coming contractors starting off their fledgling businesses, will not necessarily be aware of general health and safety requirements and best practice in this regard. By providing free services to these members, the Association not only ensure that these enterprises starting out have the assistance that will aid them in their survival, but a contribution is also being made to all the employees and workers involved in projects undertaken by these enterprises.