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HIV AIDS Awareness Programme

The Master Builders Association of KwaZulu-Natal has been the primary driver and source of Funding to an HIV/AIDS awareness training and prevention project for the past 4 years. Focusing on the construction industry in the province, the Association has adopted a two pronged approach in its contribution to the solution.

We have an Awareness Training module which focuses predominantly on the significant numbers of workers in the industry. This module concentrates on the causes of HIV / AIDS as well as addressing the myths surrounding the disease, voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) and avoidance measures.

Simultaneously, we provide a Management Training Module which concentrates on Supervisors, Foremen and various levels of management. This module puts emphasis on the fair treatment of sufferers of HIV/AIDS. It highlights legislative requirements e.g. Employment Equity Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act as well as the Labour Relations Act. The issues of compassion and the impact on productivity, training and absenteeism are explored.

To-date, we have trained 150 management personnel at different levels. This type of training also includes General Secretaries of key Trade Unions in the construction industry in KZN Province. We have also trained 3600 employees on the Awareness programme. The HIV/AIDS training is not confined to our member enterprises but expands to any Manager or Employee in the building industry.

Some employees have volunteered for testing. Follow up sessions are held with groups in order to get feedback regarding on-the-job implementation. Constructive feedback is received and where necessary, minor adjustments are made to the programme.