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The SafeBuild DVD series can be watched in 5 different languages and covers the following topics:


Health & Safety Administration Form Work & Support Work Excavations
Education, Training & Promotion Ladders Tools
Public Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness        Fall Protection Lifting Machinery & Lifting Tackle
Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing Electrical Safe Guarding Hoists
Workplace, Environment, Health & Hygiene Fire Prevention & Precautions        Conveyors
Housekeeping Demolition Work Site Plant & Machinery
Scaffolding Excavations Plant and Storage Yards

The SafeBuild DVD will help you:

  • Comply with Health & Safety legislation and regulations
  • Avoid a fine and/or jail sentence
  • Decrease the huge direct and indirect costs associated with an accident
  • Increase productivity and efficiency on site
  • Save your life and the lives of your most important assets - your employees



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