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The recruitment process is rather complex and time consuming as it involves searching and attracting potential candidates to fill vacant positions within organisations. This is done through a multitude of platforms which can be onerous to the company. Recruitment agencies fill this specific need by screening and shortlisting the best candidates to fill the company’s needs based on the job specification and description. Utilising a recruitment agency has the following benefits:

Saving you time

The recruitment process involves advertising the job on many portals, screening applications, shortlisting candidates, conducting pre-liminary interviews, background checks and reference checks before conducting the final face to face interview. This process is time-consuming for many companies. Utilising a recruitment agency therefore saves the company plenty of time.  Each step of the recruitment process is completed by the recruitment agency. The company only conducts the final face to face interview and concludes the offer.

Access to the best

Recruitment agencies have access to the best talent available. This includes access to a wide range of qualified applicants stored on their database. Agencies have many networking resources and platforms as each consultant has the potential to expand their networks in searching for the best candidates.

Serving company needs & building relationships

Developing and maintaining a relationship with a recruitment agency built on trust ensures that future vacancies will be filled effectively. By building a relationship with a client/company allows the agency to understand the company holistically. The agency will analyse the company’s recruitment needs and find the best fit candidate to meet these needs.

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal Recruitment Agency specialises in recruiting and selecting the best candidates that add value to organisations within the built environment and other related fields.

The Recruitment Agency will assist you with:

  • Search Assignments
  • Source job specific candidates
  • Job placements in the building and allied industries
  • Screening and selection of candidates
  • Collections of CV’s from job seekers
  • Member discounts applicable
  • Database of qualified candidates


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Prishana Datadin | Human Resources Manager