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Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal holds regular member meetings at all of its branches around the province.  These range from small, focused monthly breakfast and lunch meetings, to large quarterly meetings.

The objectives of these meetings are:

To encourage and nurture networking amongst our Members

To keep our Members informed of new developments and initiatives in the Industry

To demonstrate how our Members can get the most out of the Association

If you would like the opportunity to promote your company, or to demonstrate a new or unique product at one of our member meetings, contact Tanya on 031 266 7070 or complete the contact form on the right hand side of the page.

The revenue raised goes directly to the costs of the meeting.


Venue: Regional Office or external venue
Attendance Up to 100 (Members and Prospects)
Slots: 2 to 4

Each region holds regular meetings for Members and Prospects. The meetings are held in the evenings and usually last for about 4 hours. Meetings usually commence with a networking session, followed by a short presentation by two Master Builders managers on developments within their business units. We usually get an external speaker to do a presentation on a topic of interest to our members.

Meeting sponsors are then given 10 minutes to do a presentation and can answer questions at the end of the presentations, one banner can be placed inside the venue.

Members and Guests are then given an opportunity to relax and network over snacks and drinks.


10 Minute presentation and One Banner inside the Venue (Max. size 2m x 1m)


Venue: Master Builders Association (Westville Office)
Attendance: +/- 100 (Members and Health & Safety Professionals)
Slots: 2

The Master Builders Association of KwaZulu-Natal has a very strong Health and Safety Department, which is headed up by Neels Nortje. Neels was recently appointed to the Minister's Advisory Council and is extremely passionate about all aspects of Health and Safety. The Health and Safety Forum takes place every second month and is a platform for anyone with an interest in Health and Safety in the Construction Sector, to learn and share information.


10 minute presentation and One Banner inside the Venue (Max. size 2m x 1m)