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Operating a successful building, contracting and sub contracting enterprise is becoming increasingly demanding. Most enterprises simply do not have the resources to operate a business that is financially sound, sustainable and compliant with the complex regulatory framework that exists today. 

This is where Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal can assist you. The Association has been in existence since 1901 and has the resources, infrastructure and experience to assist you in promoting, supporting and protecting your business.

We have five branches that cover the entire KwaZulu-Natal region. Our head office Westville and our area offices are strategically located in Lower South Coast, Pietermaritzburg and Empangeni.

New member applicants initially come onboard as Ordinary Members before becoming Full Members. To progress from an Ordinary Member to a Full member a safety compliance test has to be passed.  Please note that with regard to the check, if it is found that you are not safety compliant, our Health and Safety Department will willingly assist you in getting to the required level. 

 Fee Full Membership: R5, 725.00 per annum inclusive of VAT

To download a Full Member application form Click Here

What do I do with my completed hard copy application form?

Scan and email to us. 

Drop it off at any one of our Regional Offices or Head Office. 


The following are services which Full Members of Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal have access to:


Contractual | Information | Assistance

Contractors face numerous challenges relating to their operational and financial requirements, but must also work within a complicated legal environment. When trouble arises it is comforting to know that legal assistance is only a phone call away.

The Association has the expertise to provide the authoritative legal assistance you may need in times of difficulty. Members of Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal enjoy the benefit of being able to call upon the Association's Building Services Manager for free advice relating to contractual and legal matters. The Building Services manager is also available to conduct a site visit if necessary.

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal policy is to facilitate the resolution of dispute by negotiation, rather than through expensive and often unnecessary legal process. 


Advice| Inspections | Star Grading | Auditing | Consulting

Health and Safety in construction is an exceedingly important undertaking and the need for Members to comply with the considerable volume of legislation that governs it has never been more imperative. The excellent safety management services provided by the Associations dedicated Health and Safety department ensures that Members receive quality assistance and guidance.

It is the Association's mission to promote a positive culture shift which will facilitate continual improvement. This will in turn contribute towards the elimination of occupational injury, disease and loss as well as the prevention of damage to the environment.


Retirement | Provident Fund | Holiday Pay

We are able to assist Member companies with Retirement Fund, Provident Fund as well as Holiday Pay Stamp Scheme.

The Holiday Pay Stamp Scheme is designed to protect your cash-flow and ease your year-end administration burden.


Government | Suppliers | Key Industry Stakeholders

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal engages with and lobbies local, provincial and national government as well as suppliers and industry stakeholders with a view to promote and protect our Members.

The Association is committed to establishing and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders in the building and construction industry. Stakeholders are engaged with to identify common challenges and where possible formulate a common response to them.

Where lobbying of other parties is required to overcome these challenges, there is strength in the numbers and broad representation.


Standards | Funding | Facilitation

The purpose of Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal Association Training Academy is to reach learners of all levels, to impart skills that will create opportunities for sustainable employment.  Development of human resources is essentially about investing in people.  It creates a broader structure for the development of human resources and while employees achieve personal growth, a positive work ethic is fostered.

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal actively participated in CETA and is able to assist you in completing your Workplace Skills plan at a nominal fee. (CETA Accredited)


Relevant | Useful | Current

A variety of online and offline communication channels are used to disseminate industry pertinent information. Members also receive a free copy of SA Builder magazine every month.


Functions | Meetings | Events

The Association arranges many formal and informal meetings, functions and events throughout the year. This is an ideal opportunity to network with colleagues in the industry. Our online forums allow you the freedom to network at a time and place that is convenient for you.


The Find-A-Builder web module significantly enhances the Associations ability to promote Members to the public as well as to other Members.

Members who are in good standing receive a listing on the Master Builders KZN member app available from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The public relations and marketing team assists with the promotion of the Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal brand as well as the promotion of Association Members through various online and offline media channels.


This web module enables the public to submit details of private construction projects online for distribution to Members. Once the upload process has been completed, the information can then be viewed by Members via a password protected section of the Association's website. Members who are interested in performing the work can then make contact with the prospective client.

A list of open projects is emailed to Members on a regular basis to ensure that they are kept up to date with the most recent submissions.


Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal appreciates how important it is for those operating within the construction industry to source and submit tenders.  As a service to our Members we do extensive research across the province and upload tender notices on a daily basis pertaining to civil, electrical and construction projects.

Tender information is sourced from The Mercury, Sunday Tribune, The Witness, Zululand Observer, South Coast Herald and the Government Gazette.

The data extracted is carefully compiled and placed in an easily accessible and easy to read format. This service is available for Members only.  Members can log in to access the tender information.