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 Winner: Siyaxhasana  Construction CC, Majuba TVET Dundee Campus

Construction of Administration Block, 2 Double strong lecture theatre blocks, a resource centre, exam centre and student centre.

The administration building is a single storey constructed on conventional foundations. All other buildings are constructed on bases and stub-columns. The theatre block is of a concrete frame structure, with brick infill. The Exam Centre is constructed of structural steel with upvc windows and doors infill. The ceilings to the exam centre, resource centre and student centre were done in Lambda board. The surface beds were cast on 40mm thick isoboard. These maintain the temperatures naturally during the different climate conditions. The biggest challenge was to construct the foundations on the very rocky and Boulder ridden ground. Huge boulders had to be removed or in some cases sewer and water pipes diverted around. In some instances bases had to be cast directly on the boulder.


Highly Commended: Mazcon Civil & Building Contractors Langa Secondary School

This project concept aspired to arrange the various buildings according to the programme to function as an interconnected complex with appropriate spaces between buildings which allows for supervision as well as social assembling and interaction. The geometrical focal point of the complex is a circular assembly area expanding to secondary court-yard spaces linked with covered walkways. The objective was to create an interesting plan dimension so that the spaces between buildings become more meaningful than the buildings itself. Energy efficiency was addressed through appropriate building orientation, ceiling- and roof insulation, while solar water heating, gas cooking equipment and rainwater harvesting and -filtering was also included.


Highly Commended: HCP & G Construction, Pennington Primary School Classrooms

This projected consisted of 2 Classrooms measuring 70m2 each (joined together), a boy/girl bathroom measuring 40m2 and a tuck shop with store room measuring 40m2. P&G Construction completed all wet works, fitted the zincalume roof and doors and windows. Stumbelbloc was used to brick up from the foundations all the way to the roof. The blocks are of a far superior strength than any other block or brick on the market as its body is made up of stone, cement and river sand, where normal block or brick is only river sand and cement.