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2012 excellence

President's Opening Speech

In his opening address, Association President Mr. Vic Naidoo expressed his belief that the pursuit of excellence in construction is a habit that needs to be fostered.  

“Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal is an Employer organization registered under the provisions of the Labour Relations Act, representing the building industry in KwaZulu-Natal.

We represent approximately 670 members as we strive to be an essential business resource for our members in being a leading professional Association representing the building and construction industry.

The Association is the proud pioneer of building excellence awards in South Africa and since its launch in 2004 it has grown rapidly, thereby promoting a culture of building excellence in the sector. The importance of buildings and the building industry must never be underestimated. This programme is designed to enhance quality of the building projects and is open to all Association Members for participation.

Let me reiterate that the essence of the excellence awards is about recognising good quality buildings with a blend of innovation and creativity.

Members have over the years utilised the opportunity as a marketing tool as it undoubtedly adds credibility to the quality of work and focuses on building excellence.

The recipe for building excellence is clearly a combination of hard work, dedication, commitment, effort, standards, quality, pride and attitude which eventually evolves into a HABIT.  It is this habit of Excellence which we as the Master Builders movement would like to foster and inculcate in our membership at all levels.

Ladies and gentlemen, all of this hard work culminates in this celebration of excellence tonight. Excellence deserves to be celebrated and acknowledged. We at Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal endorse this concept and we are here tonight celebrating your achievements as individuals, as companies and as an industry.

We call upon you, our members, to make this a reality and to embrace this concept as you move from project to project, each one a masterpiece!”