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The total amount contributed to the Fund represents 16% of your wages. Your employer deducts your contribution from your wage and together with their contribution pays it over to the Fund. 

Of this 16 percent,11.50% goes towards your retirement benefit, 3.50% is used to pay for death benefits, funeral benefits and disability benefits, while the remaining 1.00% is used to meet Fund expenses.   

The provision of Risk Benefits is subject to affordability and is therefore subject to change.


Your Fund Credit is the sum of all the contributions allocated to your retirement benefit, increased or decreased by investment return. The amount of investment return you will receive will depend on the amount earned by the Fund's investments that are managed by Asset Managers appointed by the Board of Trustees.


All benefits that become payable may be subject to tax and may, therefore, be reduced by an amount of money to be paid to the South African Revenue Services (SARS).


Life Assurance Benefit

If you die while a contributing member of the Fund prior to age 65, your beneficiary(s) will be paid a life assurance benefit of 3 times your annual wage. For example, if your monthly wage is R4, 000 your life assurance benefit will be R144, 000 (R4, 000 x 12 months x 3).

Payment of the Life Assurance Benefit is subject to one contribution having been made within the two months prior to date of death. If death occurs within the first three months of membership of the Fund, unless death is as a result of an accident, the life assurance benefit shall not be paid.

Fund Credit   

Your beneficiary(s) will also be paid your Fund Credit.


It is important that you nominate a beneficiary(s). This is necessary so that, in the event of your death, the Trustees will be aware of your wishes in respect of the benefits due, and to whom they should be paid. Should you decide, at any time, to change the nomination(s), you should inform the Administrator of the Fund as early as possible and complete a new Nomination of Beneficiary Form.

If you die, the Trustees will take your nomination of beneficiary(s) into account although they must decide on any allocation in terms of the Pension Funds Act.


As a contributing member of the Fund prior to age 65, you and your immediate family will be covered for Funeral Benefits should you or a member of your immediate family die. The following benefits are payable.

You, your spouse, or children aged 14 to 21years:  R 15,000

Children aged 6 to 13 years:  R 10,000

Children aged 1 to 5 years:  R 5,000

Children aged 0 to 11 months:  R 3,000

Children if stillborn:  R 3,000

NOTE : An unmarried child is covered up to the age of 21 years and up to the age of 25 years if a full-time student. You must, at claim stage, be able to provide proof from a recognised educational institution that the child was a full-time student at date of death.

Payment of the Funeral Benefit is subject to the member being a current contributor of the Fund at the date of death.


Insured Disability Benefit

If, as a contributing member of the Fund prior to age 65, and based on the medical evidence submitted, the Insurer of this benefit considers you to be totally disabled from performing your occupation, you will receive the following benefit after a period of three (3) months from the date of your disablement:

A disability benefit of 57.5% of your average wage during the period of 12 months preceding your disablement will be paid to you. For example, if your average monthly wage is R4,000, your benefit will be R2,300 per month. This benefit will be paid for 21 months, and will commence after the 3 month waiting period has expired.

After the 21 month payment period, and if your disability is considered to be permanent and total, a lump sum benefit of 1.25 x your annual wage will be paid to you, and your membership of the Fund will cease. You will also be paid your Fund Credit.

Details of injuries and illnesses that are not covered for the above insured benefit are given in the Rules of the Disability Benefit Scheme.

Payment of the Insured Disability Benefit is subject to one contribution having been made within the two months prior to date of disability.


If you leave the Industry before retirement, you may claim your Fund Credit on the date of leaving employment.


The Fund has been established as a privately administered Fund, controlled by a Board of Management. The Board is made up of representatives of the employees and the employers. 

Alexander Forbes Financial Services provide consulting and actuarial services for the Fund.

The KwaZulu Natal Master Builders & Allied Industries Association is the Administrator of the Fund.

The Fund is governed by a set of Rules that have been registered with the Registrar of Pension Funds.

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