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Frame Warehouse


Due to the change in the textile market in RSA the existing facility was redeveloped into mini factories and warehouses; the individual units varying from 800m2 to more than 7000m2 in extent. The development commenced with extensive demolition work to the existing factory to create expansive new circulation spaces. All demolished material (approx 34 000 m3 tight) was crushed and blended and used for backfill into the existing voids and air circulation/de-humidifying chambers below ground level.

Each newly created unit received an office core with toilets, worker ablutions and kitchenettes. These too were a combination of conventional brick and plaster and the lightweight walling system; the choice of method being dependent upon the old surface bed bearing conditions and a requirement for future flexibility. Many existing spaces were reused and turned into ablutions and offices as well. Finishes were generally standardized and were limited to suspended grid ceilings, carpets to executive offices, ceramic floor tiles, epoxy floor and wall paint and PVA paint. In most cases there had to be extensive rejuvenation of the old textile mill walls and floors before they were fit to receive new finishes.

The externals were revamped to emphasise the change that occurred inside the factory. Textured finishes and face bricks were specified for the gate house buildings and old Administration Block, with a modern access control and security infrastructure installed to deal with the continuous traffic flow into and out of the park.

Musgrave Centre


The Musgrave Centre Refurbishment project began on 1 July 2010 with site establishment. The project integrated a new entrance and escalators to the next level were fitted to reduced congestion on the existing ones. This necessitated creating cut outs in the above decks to make space for them.

A new Food Court area was created along with the construction of additional public ablutions in a portion of the level 3 parking decks, as a means of expanding leasable area within the mall. This also included the preparation of new spaces for both KFC and Wimpy. Existing shop fronts were altered to a new spec which called for the removal and replacement of the old, while tenants remained open for trade. Numerous line shops were created in existing spaces to the specification of a white box.