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 “I had no idea we were the winners. This is the greatest news and a surprise to us all. First we are the recipients of the Award of Merit and to top it all we have won the Supreme Winner prize in the under R40 million category.

These were the first words from Chris Brown, joint partner at Smith and Winfield after collecting the coveted trophy. He was quick to give credit where credit is due though and, while winning the trophy was a huge honour for the company, it would not have been possible without the immense efforts from Red van Zyl, the Project Manager.

“Red managed the whole project at 162 Point Road, Durban’s first fire station and we were part of the team who carried out the refurbishment work.”

Mr Brown said the building was extremely dilapidated requiring some very challenging work. This included removing wood borer, stripping timbers and removing rot as well as reinstating mouldings before the paint work could commence.

Another challenge was that being a heritage building, the contractors had to comply with AMAFA heritage site regulations. When 162 Point Road was originally built the work standard of artisans was extremely high and we had to match those skills to restore the building to its original splendour.

“We are most honoured with this award. This kind of event promotes excellence among individuals and companies who are striving to achieve newer and higher levels of building expertise,” Mr Brown said.

Smith and Winfield is the longest established Painting and Decorating enterprise in South Africa. The company was founded in Russell Street, Durban in 1886 by Mr SC Smith.